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Cheap Car Loans in Perth by Centreline Finance


Centreline Finance has saved many Australians thousands of dollars by providing them the cheapest car loans in Perth. We are one of the most chosen car finance company in Perth Western Australia.  Our experts take care of your application from start to end and facilitate you with all the information on car loans to suit your needs in the best possible way.

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing new, used or from a private vendor or dealership in Perth, we can help secure the best rates and most adaptable terms. You can get more car loan choices in Perth.  In case you’re ready to go, we talk your dialect. We enable organisations to secure business asset home loans, and contract buys that keeps money streaming.

Do you have terrible credit? We contend energetically for awful credit clients in Perth to get the most attractive on car finance. Our experts can help you, regardless of your conditions.

Centreline Finance offers you a second chance to get a new or old car and live your dreams even if you have bad credit. We have a team of bad credit car loan in Perth who are expert in getting those complicated deals approved. We will also assist you in improving your credit rating in Perth and will help you in getting a new car.

Even though the bad credit car loans are secured, the interest rates are high due to the extra risks. However, Centreline will help you in getting the affordable car loan deal which you can repay.

Why Us?

  • Compulsion free Application in Perth: Centreline Finance provides you with a superior service without any obligations.
  • Extensive range of Reputable Lenders in Perth: Centreline Finance will get you the right product at the right place with access to a wide range of reputable lenders.
  • Private Sale: Centreline Finance will get you a car loan even if you buy from the private seller.
  • Temporary Residents: You can get up to 80% of car loans if you have a valid visa for Australia.
  • Bad Credit Car Loans in Perth: Even with worst credit records, we will get you a car loan.


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Our goal is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable car loans to the public.

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