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Our car loan rates starts from just 4.95%. Why pay more? Our finance consultants will find you the cheapest and best car loan to suit your requirements

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Centreline finance can get you into a new or used car even if you do not have a deposit. We can also arrange for insurances so that you are protected

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At centreline finance, our aim is to assist you in getting the best value car loan. Your interest is our interest. There are many lenders offering different products which can be very confusing. Our specialists are here to answer your questions and find you the right loan

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Why jump through hoops by going through the banks. At centreline finance, each and everyone of our clients like you have a dedicated consultant who will look after your application from start to finish.

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Obligation free applications

All applications with centreline finance is obligation free. Our aim is to provide you with a superior service. If you are not happy, there is no obligation for you to proceed.

Wide range of reputable lenders

With access to a wide range of reputable lenders, centreline finance can find you the right product at the right price.

Private sale

Found a car from a private seller. We will get you the car loan. At centreline finance you have the freedom of buying your car from dealerships, auctions or even private sellers. You are in control.

Temporary residents

If you have a valid visa with work rights in Australia, we can get you into a new car. We can get you a car loan up to 80% of the purchase price.


Bad credit car loans

Having problems getting a car loan. At centreline finance, we can help even if the bank said no. We will work with you to get a better understanding of the situation that led you towards having an adverse credit history and how you have improved since. We can even assist you if you have unpaid defaults as long as they are in a payment arrangement or are being disputed. People who are in a part 9 debt agreement or bankruptcy can also apply.

Same day approval

When you found the car you have been looking for, the last thing you want is to miss out only because you could not get your car finance organised on time. At centreline finance, we will strive to get you an approval the same day so you can be confident while dealing the seller. You will also be in a better position to bargain on the pricing for the vehicle knowing your finance is all sorted.

Our loan products at a glance

We understand people and their needs. Get the right advice from Centreline finance

Secured car loan

If you are buying a new or used car and are looking for finance,...then this is the product for you. Secured car loans bear lower interest rates than unsecured. This is because the car being purchased is held as security by the lender and is released upon final payment. At centreline finance, we will help you get the most suitable car loan at very competitive interest rates.Read more

Unsecured or personal loans

If you need a loan for repairs to your car, a holiday...or home renovations, then this is the product for you. The funds are disbursed to your nominated account after settlement. No asset is held as security, hence the term unsecured. This type of loan bears a higher interest rate, usually greater than 10%
Read more

Chattel mortgage

If you are self employed and running a business, this product ...is for you. You enjoy the same privilege as a standard car loan such as fixed and low interest rates plus the added benefit of input tax credits. The car is held as security by the lender and upon final payment it is released. The borrower retains ownership of the car throughout the term of the loan. Read more

Car lease

An operating car lease is a product whereby most of...the vehicle’s cost are included under one easy repayment. You do not have to worry about servicing, maintenance, registration or insurance. All this is taken care of in an operating lease which usually is between 12 to 48 months. At the end of the term, if all your payments are up to date, you can offer to buy the car, return the car with no more to pay or upgrade to a new car.Read more

Low doc car loans

If you are self employed or running a small business and need ...a car loan, you would need to provide your up to date financials to be eligible. At centreline finance, we understand small businesses. We have access to lenders that have flexible and lessor income verification requirements. We can get you into a new car sooner through a low doc car loan. To be eligible you would need to have an active ABN for over 2 years and 50% or more of the car being purchased must be for business use.Read more

In search of a car loan broker that can find you the best car loan deals in Australia? Well, you are in luck as you have landed at the perfect site in Centreline Finance to help you in your endeavour. Car Loans are a tricky subject especially when you are looking for guaranteed car finance with no credit check and no deposit. Not only are there just too many options in the market, making one choice a lot more complicated, but the application process for no doc car loans in Australia can be time-consuming. Now, what if we tell you that you can not only find the private car finance with no credit check but also have the application approved within 24 hours and all that without doing anything? It is something that is possible now with Centreline Finance – the premier car loan broker in Australia.

Centreline Finance helps you find the best deals on no credit check car finance in Australia from the comfort of your home. With our extensive network of dealer partners, we guarantee quick and easy car loans in Australia. We also provide car loan with no credit check in Australia and even help clients with poor credit scores get a loan without any hassle. Have any queries about our service? Our customer support helpline is operated by friendly customer support executives for you to reach out to. So, connect with us to get an approved car loan in Australia at your convenience.

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