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Chattel Mortgage

Chattel mortgage also referred to as specific security agreement is a facility whereby businesses can finance motor vehicles or equipments which are then held as security. This is a popular option amongst sole traders. It is similar to a traditional car loan whereby the asset being purchased is held as security. The purchaser owns the vehicle unlike hire purchase agreements where the bank retains ownership of the asset until it is paid in full.

Benefits of a chattel mortgage

  • Fixed interest rate over the term of the loan
  • lower interest rates
  • you own the, not the financier
  • You might be entitled to input tax credits since the purchase price being financed includes GST
  • Interest and depreciation may be tax deductible depending on how much the car is used for business purposes
  • Can be arranged under a low doc facility

Chattel mortgage can be used to purchase cars, trucks, tractors, prime movers, trailers, bus and other vehicle or equipment finance. Talk to our finance specialist today to see how we can help you get the right secured loan for your business. We can tailor a product to meet your individual business requirements and objectives.

Why chose Centreline finance for your chattel mortgage

  • Low interest rate
  • Flexible terms
  • Tailored finance solution
  • Best advise
  • Wide range of lenders
  • No financials required

Chattel Mortgage is a loan that is taken against a movable object. And while that does certainly sound pretty similar to what actually a car loan or any other traditional vehicle loan is, that is not true. Chattel Mortgage includes any movable items, and that includes mobile homes and heavy business equipment such as bulldozers. So, it would be wise if one does not confuse them both as the same. They can be hugely beneficial for individuals and businesses. However, it is also true that getting a chattel mortgage approved can be a real challenge in itself. Luckily you can take advantage of the finest loan brokers in Australia at Centreline Finance.

At Centreline Finance, we allow our clients to skip through the long and hassling process of finding the right chattel mortgage provider for them and then worrying over how to apply for the same. Now, you only have to connect with us, and we will assist you every step of the way. From finding the best deal suited to your needs to even having your application approved in record time, you can leave everything to us. For chattel mortgage car finance with the low doc in Australia, you simply could not find a better companion to assist you in your endeavour than Centreline Finance. Do not hesitate for a second; pick up your phone and connect with us right away. We make sure you seize the best deals on chattel mortgage car finance in a fuss-free manner.

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