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Good credit car loans

Have you got a good credit score, have a good borrowing history and never missed a payment on any bills? You know that you are a good customer. Banks want customers like you and are willing to compete for it. Then why settle with your local bank when you have the ability to save in interest elsewhere. That is where Centreline finance steps in. We can get you approved for a car loan within a few hours with an interest rate that is much lower than what your local bank can offer you. Whether you are looking at buying a new car, motorcycle, boat, caravan or any other vehicles, we have got you covered

With our broad range of loan products that can be tailored to meet your requirements and objectives. Whether you are looking for flexibility in making payments, save on interest or pay out your loan earlier, we can help. Our team of expert finance consultants will guide you through the process of securing a better loan and make it seamless. He or she will assist you from start to finish, from the time you apply for a loan, gathering the relevant documents to support your application, meeting all approval conditions, preparing your loan for settlement and finally getting you into your new car, all this within 48 hours.

We will not pressure you into any of our products and that is a promise. The approval we organise for you is obligation free and also free of charge. This means that you can walk away anytime before settlement of the loan and you would not be charged a cent. We deliver an exceptional car loan service with superior customer support throughout Australia. Whether you live in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or any other cities in Australia, our loan process is the same for everyone. We can even assist people in certain remote areas of Australia in getting an approval for a car finance.

You might already be aware that banks now rely strongly on credit scoring to assess the risk on any given lend. Hence, the better your score, the lower the risk to the lender and this could mean lower interest rates and repayments for yourself. Do not settle with your local bank for a car loan. Try to contact us for an obligation free quote. You can even apply online in minutes and we will back back to you straightaway. At Centreline Finance, we do not make our customers wait. Need to discuss about a car loan, we are hear to listen. In the current market, if you got a good credit history, you should not be paying more than 10% interest on a car loan. At Centreline finance, we offer car loans starting from just 4.95% per annum. If you are not happy with your local bank or are just paying too much for your car loan repayment elsewhere, we can refinance your loan which might result in significant savings over the term of the car loan.

Buying a new car should not be a stressful process. It should be fun, filled with excitement. Leave all the boring paper works to us. We will get you approved in no time. If you are happy with the interest rate and repayments that we have sourced just for you and want to proceed, we can get you into the car you want within 24 hours.

Why chose us?

No waiting

At Centreline finane, we put our customers first. We will not make you wait over the phone. You can call our finance consultants anytime, even during the weekend. We are hear to get you into your new car sooner.

Fast turnaround

When you spot a good deal on a car, you do not want to miss out. We will get the loan approved and settled for you within 48 hours.

Regular updates

Our finance consultants will keep you up to date with the progress of your application throughout the loan process. We pride ourselves in offering first class customer service


With our broad range of car loan products, we will find you the ideal solution to meet your requirements and objectives

Fixed interest rates

You would not have to worry about any fluctuations to interest rates in the market. The interest rate on all our car loans are fixed over the term of the loan.

Ability to make extra repayments

We encourage our customers to make extra payments if they can towards the car loan. Even a small amount paid regularly over and above your normal repayments have a compound effect which could result in significant savings in interest over the term of the loan

Pre approval

Get approved first, then find the car you desire. This will allow you to make better decision when it comes to budgeting for your new car. By knowing exactly how much you can borrow and what your repayment will be able to make a more informed decision in buying the right vehicle at the right price. You will also have a better bargaining power knowing that you are already approved for the car finance.

You chose the car and the seller

We offer you the flexibility to purchase your car from a dealership, private seller or even auctions. We can also organise finance for classic and vintage cars as well as grey imports

Lowest interest rate in Australia

Low interest rate is just the start. Our finance consultant will work with you to achieve your desired loan structure with a repayment that you would be comfortable with

Up to 7 year loan terms

We understand that sometimes buying that special car can put a hole through your pocket. That is why we have loan products that can be paid over an extended period of 7 years. This reduces your repayments and makes that special car more affordable

Do you have a good or above-average credit score and have never missed a payment in your life? Well, then, you certainly have opened your world to a lot of possibilities. You can get boat loans application in Australia with fast approval, regardless of your preferred lender. It is great being good with your credit.

However, having a good credit score certainly has some unique challenges, namely, being drowning in choices. It indeed is an excellent problem to have, but you would need all the help you can get in finding the best loan deals for you – after all, why settle for anything but the best? And for that, one could not find a better companion to assist in their journey than Centreline Finance.

Centreline Finance is a premier loan broker in Australia, assisting clients with their no deposit boat loan in Australia. With Centreline Finance, you can lodge your application within 2 minutes and get same-day approval for your loan. You can also opt for our Caravan finance with no credit check in Australia if that is something you are interested in. Connecting with us is the best decision you can make today. So, do not think for a second more and take advantage of your excellent credit score today – you owe it to yourself. Get the best loans in Australia with Centreline Finance! We make sure you get a loan approved without going through a tedious procedure. Moreover, a credit check is not at all a challenge for you.

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