Our Dispute Resolution Policy

At TSVJ Enterprises (trading as ‘Centreline Finance’) our aim is to provide our clients with superior service but we know that despite our best efforts sometimes things can go wrong.

If you have any concerns with the level of service received it is important that we are aware of the issues and have an opportunity to restore your confidence.

We are well aware that a simple misunderstanding which is left unresolved can lead to a negative lasting impression and we strongly recommend that in the first instance you speak with the person with whom you originally dealt to see if an amicable outcome can be achieved.

If after speaking with your contact you still feel the matter has not been resolved, we invite you to escalate the matter to our Dispute Resolution Officer for further investigation.

In this regard, please contact us on (08) 6252 0918

You can also:-

  • Send a letter to our postal address – 202A Manning rd, Wilson WA 6107 (Marked Attention: Dispute Resolution Officer)


If you have choose to e-mail or write to us you will receive an acknowledgement confirming we have received your correspondence and the matter will receive prompt attention.

To assist us we ask that you clearly explain all matters relevant to the issue and the remedies you seek.

Upon receipt we will contact you if any further information is needed. Once all information is to hand, we will investigate the matter thoroughly and inform you of the outcome as soon as possible.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we will in all instances respond within 45 days of receipt of the initial contact.

If we are unable to resolve the complaint within 45 days we will:-

  • advise you of the reason for the delay
  • specify a date when a decision can be reasonably expected


If you are still not satisfied with the outcome you may contact the Credit and Investments Ombudsman Limited as follows:

Phone:                 (02) 9273 8455

Fax:                       (02) 9273 8445

E-mail:                  info@cio.org.au

Mail:                      PO Box A252 SYDNEY SOUTH NSW 1235

Web:                     www.cio.org.au

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